Feeding your dog a balanced, home-cooked diet has never been so easy.

We believe that prevention is better than cure and balanced nutrition and quality food is one of the greatest things you can do for your dog's health. 


Developed by Australian veterinarians to ensure your dog gets all the essential nutrients they need  - without feeding commercial food.

As Seen In 

Minimal but pleasant odour for better dog acceptance. Easily mix with your dog’s home cooked meal just before serving.


Designed by Veterinary Nutritionists & when used with the free recipes on our website they meet the standards set by AAFCO as balanced and complete.

Hypoallergenic ingredients, ideal for elimination diets, allergies and sensitive stomachs.


Developed by veterinarians, Vetlicious is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for dogs. 

We know a lot of people like to prepare their own home-cooked dog foods. But as vets, we also know that it's really hard to make sure your dog gets all the vitamins and minerals they need when feeding a home-cooked diet. And long term, like humans, these little nutritional deficiencies, that you often don't consider, can become a big deal for your dogs health.

So we fixed that. 


Simply mix Vetlicious to your home-cooked, fresh food to ensure your dog is getting all the essential nutrients they need to live their best life. Order online & get free delivery.

I've always made my own dog food. They are fussy but do love chicken. I never really thought that they'd be missing out on quite a few things like calcium and vitamin B until my vet told me. I really didn't know how I was going to get them to eat dry food, and really I didn't want to feed it to them anyway. I just add Vetlicious into my chicken recipes for them - they don't even know it's there and it means that I'm making sure they don't get deficient in anything."

Janet, Sydney, NSW


We want to help you get it right!


Our free customisable recipes are balanced and complete. They have been developed by Veterinary Nutritionists and meet the standards set out by AAFCO.



Dr Steve Denley

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Dr Steve graduated from the University of Queensland's Veterinary School in 1998 and has been working with pets for 20 years. He owns and operates his own integrative veterinary practice in Queensland, Balance Veterinary Care.

Dr Steve has a Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture from the Chi Institute and is a certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbologist. He also holds postgraduate qualifications in Animal Biomechanical Medicine. 


His pets include Fred (Kelpie),  Honey and Hazel (Dairy goats), chickens, ducks and of course, several children.

Dr Kate Adams

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Dr Kate graduated from Murdoch University Veterinary School in Western Australia in 2007. She has worked all over Australia for the last 11 years - country and city, but now calls Sydney home.


Dr Kate is the co-owner of Australia's most well known veterinary hospital - Bondi Vet and you can often find her either helping pets down at the hospital or catching some sun on Bondi Beach.


She is passionate about preventive health and nutrition for pets, and can often be seen talking animals on various TV channels. Her pets include Ben (her 11 year old golden retriever) and Gilbert (19 year old ginger cat). Kate believes the secret to her pets great health in old age is quality, fresh nutrition.


E info@vetlicious.com.au