Dr Karen Becker writes a great article about how important it is to feed your dog a diet that meets AAFCO guidelines.  Read it here

I admit to having a bias towards cooked home made diets over raw food for canines. I have this opinion for several reasons.

Many raw food advocates state the following reasons for feeding raw diets:

- Dogs should be fed like their wolf ancestors.

- Cooking destroys n...

Itchy skin is a common complaint seen in veterinary practice.  Most pets respond well to short term treatments but trying to prevent recurrence can be difficult.

The treatment for pets with itchy skin should include both short and long term solutions.

Dietary changes can...

Human grade meat is prepared ready for human consumption. It has been “stored, handled, processed and transported in manner that is consistent and compliant with regulation for current good manufacturing processes.” (AAFCO official publication 2018).

So is it OK to use...

Dogs and cats must obtain vitamin B12 from their diet. Pet food (either in nature or commercial pet food) usually has adequate vitamin B12 and deficiency only happens if it is not being absorbed in the gut.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in dogs and cats with severa...

February 23, 2018

We will be at the Paws and Pizzazz event at Sanctuary Cove on Sunday March 4th.  Come and say hello to us!  

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