1. Visit our recipes page to customise a recipe to your pet and your chosen protein source using the Vetlicious calculator.  You will need to enter your dog's weight and body condition.  You can also specify how many days worth of food you would like to prepare at a time.  The Vetlicious calculator will generate a 5 ingredient recipe for you instantly. The recipe is displayed on the screen and a copy emailed to you.


2. Read the recipe carefully to ensure that you have the correct ingredients.  You should not substitute or vary the amounts of any of the ingredients.  The mixed vegetable component can include any mix of vegetables but must not include onion.

3.  Cook all the ingredients except the Vetlicious supplement by adding water and boiling until cooked.  To ensure nutrients are retained, take care to not overcook.  Cooking meat separately from vegetables is advised. Drain water from the cooked ingredients to reduce bulk and divide into daily portions for storage in the fridge or freezer. The amount of food specified in the recipe will be accurate for most dogs however can vary with breed, age and level of activity. You may need to adjust quantities according to whether your dog is gaining or losing weight in which case all ingredients including the Vetlicious supplement must be changed proportionally.

4.  Add in the Vetlicious supplement immediately prior to serving.  Add the daily amount of Vetlicious specified in your recipe, using the scoop provided.  It is best to mix thoroughly through the meal to ensure even distribution of the nutrients. Do not cook or freeze the Vetlicious supplement. If cooking in bulk and  freezing meals be sure to thaw each portion in refrigerator 24 hours before warming at least to room temperature to serve.


NOTE - It is often best to slowly transition your dog to the new home made diet. Please start with 50% existing diet and 50% new home made diet. Then after 1-2 weeks slowly transition to a 100% home made diet.